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Harith Iskander at the Sydney Comedy Festival

4 shows only!

Wed 22 Apr – Sat 25 Apr 7pm
Enmore Theatre, 130 Enmore Rd., Newtown
Bookings 9020 6966

WINNER “Asia’s Best Stand-Up Comedian Award 2014” – Top 10 Of Asia Magazine.

Harith Iskander, the acknowledged Godfather of stand up comedy in south east Asia, appears at the Sydney Comedy Festival in a strictly limited season.

A bona fide star of stage and screen across Malaysia, Singapore and beyond, Harith has been starring in international appearances and national media since the ‘90s. He has entertained tens of thousands at shows in Hong Kong, Dubai, Bali, Jakarta, Seoul and Singapore; as well as appearing on hugely popular TV programmes such as “Thursday Night Live” (NTV7 Malaysia) which he hosted, and sketch comedy series “Ah-Ha” (TV3 Malaysia).

Last in Australia in 2012 for the Best of Comedy Malaysia (5 stars – The Age), Harith returns with his first full Australian solo Festival show. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to experience this amiable and intelligent performer. Harith needles the jokes out of his targets, rather than skewering them, and marries his keen eye for the multicultural experience with a shameless taste for a stupid impression.

If you know him already, you won’t want to miss this chance to get his take on Australia. And if you haven’t seen him previously, come and experience the distinctively wry southeast Asian voice that blazed the way for standup comedy itself, in the region.

“Harith Iskander is a thrower of powerful comedy thunderbolts! He is, in my opinion, one of the funniest human beings on the planet.” – Tom Rhodes

“His passport is Malaysian; his humor is universal. Wildly funny with a mischievous inclination.” – Paul Ogata

Harley Breen



Harley Breen The Kingswood and I

Click here for more Harley.

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DWC Kids

Die Roten Punkte

Die Roten Punkte (The Red Dots) are the Prinz and Prinzessin of Berlin’s underground rock scene.

Orphaned as teenagers, Astrid and Otto found themselves homeless in Berlin before they dove into a rock baptism by fire (started by one of Astrid’s cigarettes). Born-again as Die Roten Punkte, the duo was catapulted into European stardom.

Described as “a lipstick-smeared, tantrum-loving, sonic collision between the B52s, Kraftwerk and the early Ramones”, Die Roten Punkte are truly one of a kind. Astrid’s avant-garde style and legendary antics inspire both reverence and fear, while Otto’s dynamic stage presence brings to mind a whirling dervish on meth.

With a string of awards and sell-out shows across New York, Montreal and Edinburgh, this counter-culture rock duo has reached the pinnacle of their artistry. They are art rock incarnate.

“Orgasmic rock-und-roll experience.” Monday Magazine (Canada) * * * * *
“Intensely funny.” The Age * * * *
“Pitch-perfect pop parody” The Scotsman * * * *

Die Roten Punkte ROBOT / LION TOUR Awards
‘Best Production’ Montreal Fringe, 2008; ‘Most Outstanding Production’ Ottawa Fringe, 2008; ‘Best in Fest’ Winnipeg Fringe, 2008; and ‘Best Comedy’ Victoria Fringe, 2008.
Best Production (Cabaret), Green Room Awards 2008.

The Listies

“Take every child you know. If you don’t know any – kidnap some!”

“”Funny as any comedy show you could hope to see” EdinburghFestMag

“it would almost be a waste for this gloriously anarchic show to be seen only by children!” Chortle

“”This manic Australian double act know all the right buttons to push to make children shriek with laughter” Guardian (UK)

Since performing their debut children’s show in September 2009 The Listies have quickly become one of the most sought after children’s performers in Australia. Receiving widespread critical acclaim across Australia, South East Asia and Edinburgh The Listies are changing the face of children’s entertainment.

“We are the exact opposite of The Wiggles. No-one sings a happy song about a fluffy dinosaur that is your friend. If there was a dinosaur in our show it would eat your head off then poo it out and then eat its own poo”. The Listies

Deliberately raucous, and rude and very, very funny, The Listies leave adults AND children gasping for breath. If you are looking for fairies or clowns, then The Listies is not for you, but if you want to meet a ninja nan, ward off an alien attack or just ROFLSHABOWLO (Roll On The Floor Laughing So Hard A Little Bit Of Wee Comes Out) then these are the guys for the job.


2013 Best Production for Children – Sydney Theatre Awards

2011 Best Children’s show BBC Scotland – Edinburgh Fringe

2010  Barry Nominee (Best Show) Melbourne International Comedy Festival

2009 Golden Gibbo Award, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

2008 Melbourne Fringe Best Emerging Producers

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